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Demonic P-Bot Demonic P-Bot

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Scary, but still amazing

I like this picture, because this has big style. Demonic P-bot looks truly scary and dangerous. Details are awesome, very realistic. Recap: one of the best visions of P-bot.

But you know, I have an idea. Not long ago I saw art called "I-bot Reinterpretation". Can you do small series of arts with all bots? You know - one image with P-bot, one with M-bot, A-bot, G-bot, F-bot and I-bot. It's my supplication to you, because you make best arts with robots (for exampple your own Mindchamber sculpture) and other artist can take pattern on this. Please, think about that.

Marcin "Szwagier" Praszkiewicz

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MindChamber responds:


theres a plan in the works for a group shot of all the bots.

ive been looking around for the best composition before starting.

Gray Fire Gray Fire

Rated 5 / 5 stars


When I look at your arts I'm full of admiration, but when I look at "Gray Fire" first time I just fall in love :) It's simple, but stunning masterpiece. Lack of color, lots of shading and white-black conception make your art more amazing. Shevil is beautiful woman, the dark around make her very mysterious, but she's not cold. I don't know Shevil is figment of your imagination or portrait of real girl. Anyway, "Gray Fire" is one of my favorite art in all Newgrounds, so I wish you more wonderful images and full of inspiration to make another one great portrait.


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Zigan responds:

Thank you for your great words, I fully appreciate it. :)

Bowser's beamy grin Bowser's beamy grin

Rated 5 / 5 stars


But his chin looks like ass :D

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just pico just pico

Rated 5 / 5 stars


If you looking for my flash, what we told few days ago, you should wait sooo much time. Now I have only some illustrations and general concept. Well... do you ever seen "Pico:Therapy"? It's by... I think that's Fleckogold... In my concept Pico goes to psychologist after school massacre. The Psychologist hipnosed Pico and liberate all his madness. Then Pico relay to Piconjo - his mind's dark side - kill Psychologist and get away. After that Nene and Darnell found Piconjo, help Pico recover and Piconjo separate of Pico and get away as ghost. One year later he's back, he has body and two new compains, Neenja and Darkenjo, because before gettin away Piconjo attack Nene and Darnell and steal their madness. When he's back, the animate is over and I'll give inscription "to be continued". That's all. What you think about it?

dommi-fresh responds:

sounds good man i can't wait to see it! have you posted the illustrations?

High School Musical High School Musical

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Worderful and so powerful

This is the best art with Pico what I ever seen. I love this, because you showed Pico from the another side. Here is no happy, lightly nutcase kid which we know. You draw amazing portrait with a teenage boy, who is sad, maybe worry his memories, who survived the school massacre, who must defend himself from the dangers. Pico is more human, because he's sad. Zombie-Pimp, you show us sandess, uncertainty and real feeling in Pico's soul. That all we can see at his face, when he tunrs his eyes from the girl, when he hide his gun to the backpack, when he incline his head. Awesome art.

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newgrounds calender entry newgrounds calender entry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing and inspiring

That's good art, but Pico, Nene and Darnell looks so dark and psycho. I'm working about new Pico cartoon, but with new characters. The new characters are the darksides of our heroes - they are Piconjo, Neenja and Darkenjo and my drawing with they look lake there.
I say one - awesome art.

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dommi-fresh responds:

wicked cheers i look forward to it

Pico Pico

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is amazing! What program you used to do this?

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Rovertarthead responds:

Its just Flash CS4. and Thanks for your review. :)

Airmail Airmail

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice art

Monthly Feature? You must be realy satisfacted :)

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Clay Nene Clay Nene

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That's Great, but...

You made very nice Pico and Nene figures, but I think you should make a Darnell.

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PikaRobo responds:

Well I was at one point suggested to make him, I'll think about him down as a maybe after the NGR series. ;)